#AskIvy :: On Page SEO Explained

What is on page seo? On Page SEO is the practice of optimizing the individual web pages within a website to reach the best possible ranking in search engines. When it comes to marketing online having a website is very important, but just a website only is not enough. People often forget or overlook the […]

Tutorial :: How To Change Image Resolution

Do you have images that are clear but of very low image quality? In this video I show you a fast and easy way to change your image resolution without resizing your image. If you find yourself mistakenly changing the size of your image when you simply need to change the resolution? Watch this video […]

#AskIvy :: How Do Hashtags Work?

So many people by default follow the trend of using and adding hashtags to their post on social media platforms, but not everyone understands what hashtags are or even how to use them. In this latest AskIvy video, I answer a recent question I received “how do hashtags work?”. —— What Are Domain Names? ——- […]

#AskIvy :: Why Are Business Emails Important?

Business Emails are often forgotten during the process of starting a business. I’ve come to learn that not everyone understands why having a business email is so important. A business email helps with communication when conducting business via email but it helps with always keeping your brand visible at all times. Watch this #AskIvy video […]

#AskIvy :: How To Avoid Project Delays

So many clients make small yet very important mistakes that can so easily delay their web design project(s). I understand that it’s not everyday that you hire and work with a web designer so I made this #AskIvy video to help you learn how to avoid projects delays. ——- Need Web Design Service? Visit: https://www.ivyenterprisellc.com […]

Vlog :: How To Stay Motivated And Focused

Staying motivated is one of the hardest parts of being an independent business owner. So often we feel alone, misunderstood or doubtful because the people around us don’t understand or support our actions. At times it’s hard to find like-minded people to surround yourself with; but I’ve found a way to stay motivated and focused […]

Vlog :: Are You Distracted?

Do you find yourself cleaning up a mess you didn’t know you made or trying to play catch up? We focus so much on our business and our goals that sometimes we feel the need to take a break from it all. This has the potential to become a major problem when we let our […]

Vlog :: Should I Build A Mailing List?

Try Aweber 30 Days Free! http://www.askivystokes.com/aweber Building a mailing list for the purpose of email marketing drives better returns on investment and customer engagement metrics than other marketing techniques. With email marketing, your business can create deeper relationships with a wider audience at a fraction of the cost of traditional media. Hip Hop Christmas by […]

Vlog :: Is A College Degree Necessary To Have A Business?

I was asked the question is college necessary to have business? and in this vlog video I talk about what it really means to go to college. Also why it may or may not be necessary to have a degree to start a business.

Vlog :: Are you too busy to answer your phone?

Cost Effective Answering Service ——— CLICK HERE http://www.answeramerica.com/?refid=GS97RWSQF ——– I know that as a small Independent business owner you have to wear many different hats running your business. While also juggling your personal life, your day job or even being a full time student… Now after all your hard work your business line/phone is ringing […]